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If you own private property, you most likely want to keep other people from being able to access or use it without your permission. Yet, it can be difficult to continuously monitor your property at all times and ensure that other people are not taking advantage of it. Here are some measures you can take to keep your property as private as possible:



The first step you should take to protect your private property is to post appropriate signage. Most states require proof that trespassers knowingly crossed onto private property in order to press charges, so it is your duty to provide that notice. Several “Private Property” or “No Trespassing” signs stationed strategically around your property should be straightforward enough to make your case if someone does end up trespassing on your land.


Fences Around the Private Property

One of the most practical ways to keep unwanted intruders off your private property is to put up a fence so they cannot physically enter the property. Before you put up a fence, you should consult any local fencing ordinances in your county to ensure that your fence is up to code, and you should also ask permission from any neighbors to prevent problems down the road.



While setting up security cameras is a more expensive option, it can be one of the most effective ways to fend off trespassers. If a potential trespasser sees a camera, they will be less likely to enter your private property, and if they still do trespass, you will have hard evidence to use against them in court. Be sure to only use cameras that have video and no audio, otherwise you could be breaking federal and/or state law.



Good lighting can be a very useful deterrent for trespassers. Trespassers usually are tempted to come onto your property if they cannot easily be seen, especially if they are planning to commit some sort of crime. So, you will be less likely to have any issues with unwanted intruders if you install flood lights or motion-sensored lights around the private property.


Law Enforcement

If you spot a trespasser on your property, it is in your best interest to call local law enforcement and have them escort the trespasser off the property instead of doing it yourself. Trying to make a trespasser leave on your own could possibly lead to legal issues if they do not want to leave or if you do something that they perceive as threatening, so it is much easier and less risky to pass that responsibility onto the police.


No Traps

The one tactic you should never use to keep intruders off your private property is traps. These include booby traps, trip wires, bear traps, or anything else that could harm or kill a trespasser. These devices are outlawed in most states, so if you use them, you could find yourself facing legal liability at best and criminal charges at worst.

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