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Wide, open spaces with plenty of fresh air and wildlife have appealed to people for generations. There are plenty of great reasons why someone would want to live miles away from their nearest neighbor, but there are also some drawbacks that come with that decision. Before you decide to take the leap and purchase acreage, read through this list and make sure the rural lifestyle is what you are looking for.



Never again will you have to listen to your neighbors having a party in their backyard because in the countryside, you will be so far away that you will not even know! (And vice versa.) You can rest easy knowing that the only people on or near your acreage are the ones you want to be there (except for trespassers, in rare cases). That sounds a lot better than pretending to not be home anytime a salesperson knocks on the door!

Outdoor Activities

In the suburbs, the most outdoorsy activity you can do with your kids is plant a garden or set up a birdfeeder. Yet, if you own acreage, the opportunities are endless. Anytime you please, you can hike, bike, birdwatch, fish, hunt, go horseback riding and much more. Additionally, because the phone and internet service will most likely be weak, you will want to get outside more often!

Lower Acreage Prices

One of the biggest advantages of owning acreage in the countryside is being able to purchase it for a reasonable price. Land inside and close to the city is significantly smaller and more expensive than rural acreage, so you will get a lot more bang for your buck.


More Maintenance

If you live in the city, you likely only have to worry about mowing the yard and trimming the shrubs. Yet, if you own acreage in the country, you will have to put in a lot more time and money to keep the property maintained. Be prepared to purchase more expensive equipment, like a backhoe or tractor, and expect to dedicate a few hours a week to maintenance.


The distance between you and the bustling cities is wonderful and relaxing most of the time, but there are times when it can be a downside. For example, it could make your commute to work longer, or if you or a loved one has an accident, it could take emergency services longer to reach your acreage (if they are able to come out that far at all).

Fewer Utility Options

Because of the remoteness of the acreage, you will not have many options when it comes to utilities. You will likely only have one choice for electricity, trash, phone, and internet service, and you will probably have to source your water on your own, as city water lines do not extend that far into the countryside.

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