Bee Bayou Preserve

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Bee Bayou Preserve
Waterfowl and Whitetail Hunting Property in Phillips County, Arkansas
130.36(+/-) total acres • Phillips County, Arkansas
Acreage documented by Phillips County Ownership – Final acreage to be determined by survey
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The Bee Bayou Preserve is an outstanding tract of hunting land. Located in Phillips County, Arkansas, its western border touches over 100,000 acres of public land, the White River National Wildlife Refuge. In the year 2000, this property was converted from low-lying farmland back into its highest and best use, woodland hunting ground. It was put into the Wetland Reserve Program (WRP) and now has 20 year old trees consisting of oak, cypress, willow, and tupelo. When designing and implementing the program, wildlife habitat for waterfowl and white-tailed deer was the driving force, ultimately leading to the creation of this great preserve. The design entails a combination of dry-land hardwoods, and around 40+ acres of moist-soil and wetlands utilizing a water control structure. Using simply annual rainfall, this impoundment can easily be controlled to create the perfect environment for wildlife. This property holds the opportunity for successfully harvesting trophy bucks and mallard ducks.

One of the many factors that make this property uniquely attractive is the location. Besides bordering the White River National Wildlife Refuge, this land sits only a mile and a half from the banks of the White River itself. More than that, the Mississippi River is just six miles to the east. This creates a veritable bottleneck in between two of the most heavily trafficked waterfowl
flyways in North America. That element combined with monster bucks ranging in from the refuge, and wild hogs throughout the area makes this an outdoors-man’s paradise.

• +/- 130.36 Total Acres
• Waterfowl Hunting
• White-tailed Deer Hunting
• Hog Hunting
• 1.5 miles from the White River and bordered by the White River bottoms
• 6 miles from the Mississippi River

Property Description:
The Property is described as NW1/4 SEC18 T6S R1E 130.36.

The Bee Bayou Preserve is located in Phillips County, Arkansas by Phillips Road 533 near the community of Mellwood.

  • Little Rock – 139 miles
  • Memphis – 113 miles
  • Mellwood – 8 miles
  • Helena – 45 miles

Surrounding Properties:
The Bee Bayou Preserve rests in a little-known area of the Delta, but hunting land there is highly coveted by those that do. The reason being is that to the west lies an immense expanse of prime bottomland forest, almost entirely owned by the White River National Wildlife Refuge. The land to the east is mostly comprised of massive family and corporate farming operations. With these to landowner factors, property rarely changes hands. But sitting in between these plantations and the refuge sits a few parcels of storied and historic hunting clubs. The infamous Willow Lake Hunting Club lies just to the north. Lost Lake and Blytheville Hunting Clubs are also directly north, while the 2,100+ acre Earle Wells Hunting Club is less than a mile to the south.

Property Highlights:
Using an extensive road system, access on the property is easy. The land comes with three deer stands that are set up on shooting lanes, making hunting trophy bucks a breeze. The road system has also been used in the past for whitetail food plots, especially useful for drawing large bucks from the refuge. Waterfowl hunting on the 40+ acres of sloughs and moist soil have led to very successful hunts in the past. Using a water control structure, the water can be manipulated for
optimal hunting. Wild hogs are also abundant in the area for hunting. Whether it’s a hog or a deer, hunting on a deer stand on this land, you’re unlikely to go home without some meat for the freezer.

Land Area:
The land offered is comprised of 130.36 +/- acres enrolled in WRP.

The taxes are approximately $373.61.

The listing price is $306,346 or $2,350 per acre.


Price: $306,346
Address:+/- 130.36 Acres
County:Phillips County
Zip Code:72367

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